Manatus Hotel

Manatus Hotel

The relaxation and deceleration process begins as soon as you set foot in the Manatus Hotel in Tortuguero Costa Rica. With its commitment to quality and sustainability amid a distinctive feel-good ambience, this eco-luxury hotel on the far northern Caribbean Coast, water canals replace roads and boats coasting up and down the channels are the way to get around this lush, rainforest sanctuary.

The commitment to excellence is also reflected in the high-quality culinary delights at the best restaurant in town with an accent on the tropical, spicy Afro-Caribbean gastronomy.  A refreshing swimming pool and tropical spa with eco-luxury suites surrounded by colorful gardens overlook the ultimate highlight in Tortuguero – the canals.

Bordering the Tortuguero National Park, the amazing canals are full of shy yet alert wildlife that keep adventurers entertained while exploring the tranquil waterways.  After a day on the canals, retreat to the blissful oasis of the best hotel on the Tortuguero Canals.

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    How to get here

    The journey to Manatus Costa Rica is as adventurous as the destination so prepare yourself!  After traveling through Route 32 and the eye opening Braulio National Park where rainforest laden mountains take on a new meaning, you will reach the Caribbean lowlands rich in agriculture and small little towns dotted along the road.

    You will then change wheels for a boat as in Tortuguero, the roads are water canals that wind through the tropical rainforest. Hop in your roofed long boat and you will enter a world of beautiful waterways cradled by greenery that is home to lots of curious yet shy wildlife.  Needless to say, this is a photographic journey!

    After about an hour of gliding through the water canals, around the bend you will see the town of Tortuguero and then to your left, the beautiful Manatus Costa Rica will appear. Welcome to eco-luxury nestled into the rainforest.

    Tortuguero also has an airport and daily flights in and out so if time is of the essence, this could be a good option!

    Recommendation:   If San Jose is on your itinerary, we recommend the Costa Rica Studio Hotel in the heart of the capital city`s upbeat western fringe that is full of fabulous restaurants and close to lots of one-day tours.   The Studio Hotel is also home to one of Costa Rica`s most precious art galleries that will keep your eyes entertained and enthralled.  From the close to nature sights of Tortuguero to the artistic expressions of this fantastic hotel in San Jose.