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Luxury hotels on the Central Valley of Costa Rica

Just as its name implies, the Central Valley is located at the heart of beautiful Costa Rica. This vibrant hub where the four largest cities of Costa Rica unite is the commercial, cultural, financial, and governmental core of the country and the holder of many treasures to be explored.

Studio Hotel - Luxury hotels on the Central Valley of Costa Rica

At 3000 feet above sea level, the Central Valley is cuddled by volcanic, mountain ranges on either side that provide agricultural rich soils and the perfect conditions for the diversity of fresh fruits and vegetables that make Costa Rican gastronomy so delicious. And let’s not forget, the world-renowned Costa Rican coffee that is not only delicious, it is also part of this little country’s culture and rich history. 

Volcanoes and More

The Central Valley has at least four volcanoes.  You can literally look down into the craters of the Poas and the Irazu Volcanoes which is an adventure in itself.  The trip up is also beautiful as you wind up through rich farmlands, coffee plantations, quaint little towns, and fantastic views down into the valley below.

Luxury hotels on the Central Valley of Costa Rica

Studio Hotel

When it comes to art and comfort, don`t think twice about staying at the Enchanting Hotels, Studio Boutique Hotel in Santa Ana, which is not only an art gallery with one of the most extensive and representative collections in the country, it also has a great location and is an oasis of calm and comfort.

The Central Valley impresses in many ways whether it be for the conveniences of a city, its cultural and historical richness or the beauty of the mountains that embrace it. 

City Life

A great city should be easy to walk and that is San Jose, the capital city of Costa Rica.   Recently incorporated into the global network of UNESCO`s Creative Cities, this little place is full of surprises.

The National Theater is the city`s most beautiful landmark and the inheritance from the coffee plantation owners from the last century and their desire for cultural richness. Walk the streets and boulevards of the city exploring the small parks, historical buildings, the central market and a number of museums that will impress.

The cultural scene is undergoing a renaissance of sorts thanks to a new generation of local artists that are pushing the traditional creative boundaries.  Whether it be gastronomical, urban art, theater, dance or music, San Jose is a haven for inspiration and innovative ways to enjoy the city.

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