Luxury hotels on the Caribbean Coast of Costa Rica

The Caribbean Coast of Costa Rica is a melting pot of cultures, colors, landscapes and, flavors.  With its lush rainforests that unite with the long stretches of deserted beaches, powerful rivers that cut through the rich, agricultural lowlands that were born in the majestic continental divide.

Manatus Caribbean Coast

Le Cameleon Caribbean Coast

Costa Rica`s Caribbean is as colorful as its modern history. Not only was it where Christopher Columbus first set foot on this beautiful piece of the world, but it was also the gateway for immigrants from the Caribbean islands, China, Indian, Europeans and,  the Spaniards. This rich fusion is evident in the delicious cuisine, the languages, the traditions and the colors of this beautiful region.

The Caribbean is not only a fusion of colors and flavors, but it also has some of the most diverse, sweeping and awe-inspiring landscapes that create amazing destinations to visit and explore.   Three of the Enchanting Hotels exclusive collection can be found here to enhance your Caribbean experience, each providing a unique vision of this beautiful side of Costa Rica.

The Caribbean from all its perspectives

The best Hotel in Tortuguero Costa Rica

In the far northern corner of the Caribbean coast

You will immerse yourself into the wildness of rainforest laden water canals that wind through the lowlands reaching the untamed coast.  This is where canals replace roads and boats rule the waterways. Tortuguero is home to many animals including the prehistoric turtles that make their annual visit to nest.  Manatus Costa Rica is your eco-luxury home away from home during your stay here with exclusive pampering including a gourmet restaurant and A/C in the beautifully appointed suites.

Le Cameleon Boutique Hotel

To the far south

The Caribbean beach vibe comes alive and you easily slip into the swaying rhythm of the palm trees and the laid-back beach lifestyle where bikes and surfboards are the main forms of getting around. This is a surfer’s paradise and a foodies delight with great waves and even better bars and restaurants.  Enchanting Hotels, Le Cameleon is your perfect getaway in style during your visit to this little piece of Afro-Caribbean paradise.

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