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The Northern Plains of Costa Rica is home to our most iconic natural landmark; Arenal Volcano that might get lots of attention but while it sleeps, this area is also the best place to put on your adrenaline hat and take close to nature adventure to a new level.

Tilajari Hotel Resort

Hacienda Caño Negro

Tilajari Hotel Resort Arenal & Northner Lowlands

Welcome to vast, lush lowlands that are rich in agricultural, cattle farming and rainforests that remain lush all year round thanks to the healthy rainfalls and flowing rivers that wind their way through canyons and wide, open fields to the Caribbean Sea from the Central Valle Mountain Range.

Revitalize and Renew in the Natural Thermal Springs

Not only is the Arenal Volcano and the Volcanic Mountain Range beautiful to look at and admire, they are also the reason why the Northern Lowland have amazing natural hot springs that are full of natural minerals that are therapeutic, medicinal and absolutely delicious to relax revitalize and renew in.

After a day of adventure exploring the canopy from a zipline, rappelling down a waterfall canyon, white water rafting through the pristine rivers or horseback riding through the rainforest, an afternoon in the hot thermal springs is the perfect end to the day. Immerse yourself in the perfection of nature, a gift from the gods!

Tilajari Hotel Resort - Enchanting Hotels

Tilajari Hotel Resort

While you are exploring this area, fill your stay with more vitality in the comfort of Tilajari Hotel Resort and Conference Center with its own natural springs, sports facilities including a pool and Jacuzzi that will keep you entertained during your stay.

The Magical Wetlands

Further up north and just a few hours from the Arenal hub of adventure, you will discover the delicate Caño Negro wetlands that is home to a diversity of wildlife and unique landscapes in the serenity of this protected area. This is paradise for fishing fans and being off the beaten track.

Hacienda Caño Negro

While exploring this natural wonderland, take some time out in the eco-luxury of Hacienda Caño Negro, an esteemed member of the Enchanting Hotels exclusive collection, that is located on a working cattle farm and is shelter to part of these beautiful wetlands and natural refuge.

The Blue of the River!

Another northern treasure of this area and beautiful Costa Rica is the amazing Blue River or Rio Celeste in Spanish.  Yet again, thanks to the majestic volcanoes and their secondary effects that make magic in their natural surroundings, you will find the magnificent blue river. 

Its hypnotic blue hue is thanks to the concentration of aluminum silicates and while not apt for swimming, the walk through the dense rainforest with bright blue waterfalls and rich wildlife, the photo opportunities will abound as will the breaths of delight of being witness to this magic.  

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